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Products Used for Commercial Crack Repair and Their Purposes

Foundations can crack in different ways, including a crack, chip, or spall. An inspector is responsible for determining the conditions that are low risk from those likely to be expensive to repair. If there is something critical happening to the foundation, take care of it as soon as possible before it can become a serious issue.

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How Commercial Foundations Can Corrode Unless Fixed Immediately

Sometimes things happen to the concrete where your business is located. It could be from the weather, wear and tear or even damage from a […]

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Why DIY Your Driveway Concrete Repair

You have to replace concrete and asphalt driveways that have holes or large cracks. Patching assists in repairing your driveway to avoid large repairs. You […]

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Fix Damaged Concrete Floors With Repair Products

For 30 years, we have been supplying maintenance professionals, contractors and DIY homeowners the broadest assortment of the concrete crack repair materials for repairs of […]

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Epoxy or Polyurethane – Which Is Better For Concrete Crack Repair?

  When concrete cracks, it’s usually tricky to restore it back to the initial condition. One way to repair it is to inject a liquid […]

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The Advantages of a Concrete Floor Coating in the Fall and Winter Months

With the fall and winter months approaching, temperature changes could be affecting your concrete flooring. The protection of investment and efficiency in residential, commercial, or […]

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