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Cold Temperature Challenges for Commercial Concrete Repair

Cold Temperature Commercial Concrete Repair Products

Concrete is a popular flooring and outdoor hardscape option due to its low cost and easy upkeep. However, it’s not impervious to damage. But the real problem is, when damage does occur, most concrete restoration materials become less effective in extreme temperatures. When temperatures drop below 32° F, adhesive materials like epoxies become difficult to work with. If the concrete surfaces needing repairs are in a setting below 0° F, workable repair materials are limited. Those that do work, take an extended time for curing and setting.

This problem is an important issue for owners and managers who maintain cold environments, such as refrigerated warehouses and walk-in freezers. However, a solution may lie in polyurethanes. These concrete menders have shown to be effective in temperatures as low as -20°F. Learn more about some common issues and possible solutions for commercial freezer floor repair below.

Top Considerations for Cold Environments

Cold storage presents a unique set of challenges that impacts the ability to effectively repair freezer and walk-in refrigerator floors. Following are three top areas of concern.

  1. Cold Moisture within the flooring limits bonding of repair materials.
  2. Workability is compromised in form and function. The cold makes it more difficult to mix and work with mortars and epoxies, as the materials become less viscous and fluid.
  3. Curing times are far longer in cold temperatures and may not take place before freezing.

The Kwik-Bond Solution

Science and chemistry come to the rescue with an effective polymer resin compound known as Kwik-Bond. This surface treatment solution tackles the top three cold environment issues, easily. It’s not sensitive to frost and moisture. It remains workable with no limiting impact to its viscosity in low temperatures, and it sets quickly in low-temperature environments. The USDA has rated it suitable for use in poultry and meat plants that pass federal inspection.

Inquire about Kwik-Bond and how this repair compound can fix your cold environment concrete flooring. Call Capital Industries at 631-298-6300.

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