Kwik-Bond Commercial Floor Repair Products

Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Projects & Applications

Capital Industries, Inc. has a variety of products for use in commercial and industrial application. See our project gallery below:

Industrial, Commercial, and Warehouse

Concrete Floor Repair

KwikBond Concrete Flooring Repair Products Kwik-Bond

  • Cures in less than 1 hour
  • Bonds to all concrete surfaces, even those that are damp.
  • Approved for use in meat, poultry plants, and food processing
  • Used for freezer and cooler floor repairs
  • Repairs spalls, cracks, and holes
KwikBond Concrete Floor Repair Epoxy Products Kwik-Crete

  • High-industrial strength
  • Sets in under 20 minutes
  • Repairs spalled floors, cracks, surfaces, and control joints
  • Fill voids under tile and concrete
  • Repair uneven surfaces of concrete
  • Also freezer & cooler repair applicable
KwikBond Concrete Flooring Repox Mix Products Repox-Mix

  • High strength epoxy patch
  • Bonds securely to concrete, metal, wood, brick, and other solid surfaces
  • Approved for use in meat and poultry plants under the FDA regulations
  • Comes premixed
  • Can bond to damp surfaces
  • Can anchor equipment, including posts, meters, signs
  • Fills in and resurfaces concrete


Expansion Joint & Crack Filler

KwikBond Joint PolyFlex Flooring Mix Products Polyflex

  • Resists damage from traffic and stress vibrations
  • Filler and sealer for narrow grooves and expansion joints
  • Reinforces the joint to prevent edge deterioration
  • Can be used for saw cut control joints, grooves, and masonry joints
  • Protects against water damage, material corrosion, and built up of dirt
  • Industrial strength
  • No shrinkage
  • Concrete adhesion
KwikBond KwikFlex Joint Expansion Filler Products Kwik Flex

  • High strength
  • Cures to seal in 60 minutes
  • Applicable to low temperatures
  • Repairs expansion and slip joints
  • Useable in -60 degrees F
  • Also freezer & cooler repair applicable