Concrete Crack Repair – Low Temperature Expansion Joint Repair Material

KWIK-FLEX is a unique and complete expansion joint and concrete crack repair material designed for use in low temperature areas or anywhere a quick set is desired. KWIK-FLEX cures to a high strength, resilient, and long lasting seal in just 60 minutes. KWIK-FLEX can be applied under low temperature conditions without the usual need of heat lamps or propane torches. KWIK-FLEX remains serviceable to -60°F. KWIK-FLEX may also be used for slip joints or as a crack filler.

Key Benefits
  • Repairs expansion joints and slip joints.
  • Requires NO heat lamps, propane torches, or shutdown of freezers and coolers.
  • May also be used as a crack filler.
  • Pot life @ 75°F available in two set times:
  • Curing time @ 75°F 12 min. and 45 min.
  • Shelf Life approximately 9-12 months. For extended shelf life, store at temperatures below 80°F and keep liquid resin securely closed when not in use.
  • Clean-up with lacquer thinner.
Surface Preparation

Sawcut must be clean and free of any film, dust, grease, and oil. Foreign matter should be blown out using oil free compressed air.

Mixing Directions

For a level loop: Pour a quantity (half a gallon is recommended) of the liquid into a clean container (plastic is preferable). Gradually add the powder (approximately 7.5 lbs.) to the liquid, stirring constantly until a uniform consistency is achieved (similar to pancake batter).

For a loop on a grade: Follow the same directions as above except add slightly more powder to make a stiffer mix to prevent the sealant from flowing out the bottom of the sawcut.

Do not mix more than can be used within the pot life of the material.

When applying KWIK-FLEX, allow material to flow slowly into the loop sawcut and self- level. KWIK-FLEX may be applied to damp surfaces as well as surfaces below freezing.


Keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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