Concrete Crack Repair – Flexible Joint & Crack Sealant

POLYFLEX is a 100% solids, two component, moisture insensitive epoxy. POLYFLEX is formulated polysulfide free to resist damage from wheeled traffic and stress vibrations. POLYFLEX is specifically designed as a filler and sealer for narrow masonry grooves and expansion joints. This self leveling, flexible epoxy exhibits tremendous adhesion to concrete which reinforces the joint thus preventing deterioration of edges. POLYFLEX can be used for saw cut control joints, grooves and masonry joints to protect against water damage, corrosive materials and dirt build-up. It provides industrial strength concrete crack repair for flooring and any other concrete surface.

Outstanding Features
Self-Leveling and Non-Sag Formula Easily Mixed
No Shrinkage 100% Solids – No Solvents
Chemical Resistant Excellent adhesion to concrete
Flexible No Polysulfides
Moisture Insensitive Prevents edge deterioration
Prevents dirt buildup No primer necessary
V.O.C. Compliant
Application Instructions
  • Surface should be prepared by using conventional cleaning methods such as acid etching, disc grinding, sandblasting or power washing. The surface to be covered should be free of loose materials, paints, sealants or oils. Use our RESOLVE to remove oils and dirt.
  • Tape both sides of joint or groove for neat application and easy removal.
  • Blend 1 part A (Resin) to 1 part B (Hardener) until mixture is streak free. Maintain components above 50°F.
  • Pour mixed components into joint. A second pass may be required as low viscosity materials tend to concave in the joint.
  • Remove tape immediately upon completion of installation. Clean tools with our Solvent #20.
Properties of PolyFlex Flexible Joint & Crack Sealant
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 575 psi (min)
Tensile Elongation D-638 100%
Shore A Hardness 90-85
Bond Strength ASTM C-882 650
Pot Life @ 75º F (1 quart) 1-2 hours
Cure Time @ 75º F (100 g. mass) 8-12 hours
Mix Ratio 1 to 1 by volume
Color (mixed) Grey
Packaging 2, 10, 100 gallons

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