Concrete Floor Repair and Low Temperature Floor Patch

KWIK-BOND is a premixed, 100% solids polyester resin based compound. It provides high early strength with negligible shrinkage. KWIK-BOND cures hard, yet not brittle, and bonds securely to all concrete surfaces. As KWIK-BOND is moisture insensitive, it can be applied to damp surfaces. With its built in flexibility, abrasion, and corrosion resistant properties, KWIK-BOND is an excellent patching and resurfacing compound that can be feather edged. KWIK-BOND is USDA approved for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, and other food processing plants while doing freezer floor repairs.

KWIK-BOND is designed for concrete floor repair on frozen surfaces such as freezers, coolers, and holding boxes. KWIK-BOND will set up and cure without the need to raise surface temperatures, use propane torches, or heating lamps to accelerate the cure. KWIK-BOND can be used anywhere a quick set is desired, in any temperature range.

Key Benefits
  • Ready for traffic in less than 1 hour
  • Repairs holes, cracks, and large spalled areas.
  • Requires NO heat lamps, propane torches, or shutdown of freezers and coolers.
Mixing Ratio: (parts A & B) 1:1 by volume
Color: Part A -clear Part B -gray(final cure concrete gray)
Viscosity: Brookfield RV5/2 @ 75°F
Shelf Life: 12 months
Resistant To: oil, kerosene, grease, water, gasoline, salts, mild inorganic acids and alkalis
Compressive Strength: 14,000 psi
Tensile Strength: 1750 LBF/IN (12.3N/MM)
Elongation Factor: 1-2×10 LBF/IN (600-12) N/M
Pot Life: 15 minutes @ -20°F to 32°F ; 10 minutes @ 33°F and up



Clean surface of loose aggregate, dirt, grease, and other foreign matter. Empty powdered material, from mixing vessel, on to a clean piece of cardboard. Pour liquid ester resin into mixing vessel. Add powdered material slowly, mixing constantly and trowel on. Repaired area may be open to traffic within one hour. Clean tools with Capital’s solvent 302, or high grade lacquer thinner before KWIK-BOND has set

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Only mix enough material that can be applied within the pot life. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and eyes. After finishing job, wash hands thoroughly with powdered or grit soap.

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