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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Industrial Applications

Epoxy Floor Coatings Industrial Concrete Floors

Commercial flooring needs to be very tough and hold up against the test of time. Commercial flooring needs to hold up well with constant and heavy traffic amounts. In addition, the flooring needs to withstand dropped objects and frequent cleanings. A non-slip epoxy floor coating is a very cost effective way to solve your commercial flooring needs.

What is Commercial Epoxy?

Commercial epoxy concrete sealer is a resin that coats flooring and provides a strong surface. Epoxy is actually stronger than the concrete below the floor. The bonding process makes the flooring so strong that the floor can withstand the weight of shelve, equipment, merchandise and even vehicle traffic.

How Does The Floor Hold Up Over Time?

Unlike most commercial flooring options that discolor and quickly show wear and tear, Commercial flooring is different. In fact, professional epoxy coating can hold up for years to come. Many floors in commercial settings are exposed to harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, oils, and even corrosive substances. Because the epoxy can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and cleaning processes, these flooring surfaces are perfect for healthcare facilities where blood borne pathogens and other bio-hazards are present.

Where Can Commercial Epoxy Be Used?

Commercial epoxy solutions can be used in various industries including food service, auto repair shops, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, healthcare facilities and educational facilities. Basically, epoxy flooring can be used in any commercial situation to create a beautiful and long-lasting floor.

How Can Commercial Epoxy Be Cleaned?

Epoxy flooring is durable and easy to clean. Floors can be cleaned with a broom, a mop, or cleaning chemicals. Because epoxy flooring is smooth, there are no cracks, seams or spaces where chemicals or debris can lodge.

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