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Can You Fix Cracked Concrete in Industrial Buildings?

As heavy machinery makes its way back and forth across your working area, you’ll likely notice cracks forming in the concrete. These cracks will become more significant and dangerous, slowing down your daily operations. Calling in a repair service can take more time than you can afford. Instead, consider the easy way out of repairing your concrete floor on your own in just three simple steps.

Fix Cracked Concrete in Industrial Buildings

Take These Steps Beforehand

Determining what is causing the cracking in your concrete should always be the first step before you try to repair anything. As you figure out the source of the cracks and how they affect your flooring, you will be able to eliminate the problem at the source.

Then, remove any loose material from around the area you plan to fill. The concrete should be grease-free and dry before moving on to the next step.

Step One – Patching the Concrete

Mix the concrete crack repair product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the directions precisely for the best results. Start by tamping the mixture to remove any air pockets that have become trapped.

KWIK-BOND is an example of a premixed compound used to repair concrete cracks. It is made from 100% solids polyester resin and works well for cement crack repair.

Step Two – Finishing the Concrete

Use a trowel to smooth the mixture once you have poured it. The concrete repair product will need some time to set. Once it does, brush the surface of the concrete to feather edge and make sure it resembles the rest of the concrete surface.

Step Three – Sealing the Concrete

Sealing the crack is the final step once the surface has been cleaned and repaired. This step makes sure that the epoxy cannot leak out of the cracks in the future. A sealer, such as polyester, epoxy, or any other concrete sealing material, should be used. Once it has solidified, your concrete is good to go.

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