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How to Fill Large Cracks in Commercial Concrete Floors

Cracks in your commercial floors and foundations can come in many sizes and shapes. These cracks often occur within the initial year after completing new construction. When cracks occur to your commercial foundations and concrete floors, it can cause concern as it represents a significant safety issue and possible structural damage.

When foundation and concrete floor cracks occur at your commercial facility, it is time to take action by using the proper repair products. Our team at Capital Industries offers high-quality cement crack filler formulated to fill large cracks in commercial concrete floors effectively.

Commercial Concrete Floors Crack Filler Products

Repairing Common Commercial Concrete Cracks

The following are 2 of the most common concrete crack issues faced by owners of commercial properties. They include:

Horizontal Crack Repair

Horizontal foundation cracks indicate a severe issue that could lead to the failure of the foundation’s wall. An effective way to address horizontal foundation cracks is with epoxy injections that essentially weld the crack together again. You can count on our team at Capital Industries to advise you as to which products will work best for this issue.

Vertical/Diagonal Crack Repair

Vertical or diagonal cracks indicate your foundation is settling. If these cracks are even when running a finger over them, they are likely not a sign of structural damage. Speak with one of our Capital Industries team members today about the right products to address this issue.

Signs of a Foundation Beyond Repair

The following signs indicate a foundation that is beyond repair and in need of replacement:

  • Bulging walls
  • Cracks that go off in different directions
  • Vertical cracks wider at the top than at the bottom
  • A crack wide enough to fit a dime inside it
  • Weak, sloping floors above the foundation

Premium Commercial Concrete Floor Repair Products

Some of the most popular cement crack filler products that we offer here at Capital Industries include:

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