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Capital Industries Shares How to Keep Expansion Joints in Good Repair

Mattituck, NY – When it comes to keeping concrete flooring in good repair, the key factor is to repair the expansion joints. Since the expansion joints allow for the expansion and contraction of the concrete, having functional joints is crucial to prevent cracking. When it comes to repair, Capital Industries, an expansion joint repair supplier, has products and suggestions to make this repair easy with a few simple steps to complete.

Expansion joint and crack filler is used for cement crack repairs. It is a waterproof cement product that is sold as a resin and mixed with a hardener to prepare the mixed components. It is then poured into the foundation’s crack, on concrete, or into a joint. Here we talk about how to select one of, and use, the right products for fixing or repairing surface cracks on poured concrete flooring, concrete walls, or walls created from brick or masonry blocks.

Polyflex Epoxy Crack Repair is a concrete product with two parts and effectively fills cracks and expansion joints in concrete. It is a filler and sealer that resists damage caused by traffic and vibrational stress by equipment. Epoxy concrete repair generally entails repairing cracks in concrete flooring or patching pits and scales in regions on the surface of the ground. It’s easy to mix and pour into the fracture or expansion joint to have the area open for use again in as little as 60 minutes.

Kwik-Flex is a crack and expansion joint filler repair product that was designed to use in low temperature areas of -60 degrees Fahrenheit. It also provides a fast-acting seal to use the area again in only 60 minutes. It is easily mixed from a powder into the liquid to form the sealant needed to pour into the cracks.

Capital Industries Lists the Main Steps to Expansion Joint Repair

  1. For any DIYer or maintenance personnel, getting the joint as clean as possible is essential. Use a wire brush to sweep away any dirt and debris. Having a clean expansion joint will allow a good seal after removing the old sealant material.
  2. Use a small chisel, screwdriver, or other tool to scrape the old filler out of the joint. Rinsing the joint with a hose will clear any loose debris out.
  3. Fix any blemishes and cracks running along the cement. We carry a high-strength concrete floor repair product called KwikBond. It sets quickly in any temperature range.
  4. Install insulation to keep moisture out of the joint. Use a putty knife to press the installation into the joint, and leave a space between the edge for the sealant to spread flush with the pavement.
  5. Prepare the edge of the pavement by running masking tape along the edges of the joint. This procedure keeps sealant from creating lumps on top of the pavement.
  6. Seal the insulation with a sealer and compact it into the joint using a board and hammer over the top of it.
  7. All that’s left is to wait for the recommended amount of time for the repair to harden and dry before removing the masking tape.

About Capital Industries

Capital Industries, Inc. is a leading supplier of concrete crack repair and concrete floor repair products. For over 30 years, we have proudly serviced contractors, factories, warehouses and distribution centers for industrial, institutional and commercial customers. We carry a full range of concrete repair materials, including those specifically designed for low temperature areas such as freezers and coolers. Our floor repair products are rapid hardening, allowing you to reopen repaired areas with minimal downtime. All of our products are designed to be used by in-house maintenance personnel and come with an ironclad 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

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