Kwik-Bond Commercial Floor Repair Products

Concrete Floor Repair & Product Selection Advice

Kwikbond has concrete floor repair products to help in industrial and residential applications. The products we carry are rapid setting and help in all situations. See our guide to repairing concrete floors for more information. If you need help with ordering and choosing a product, you can always give us a call at 631-298-6300.

When you have floors that are damaged from chipping, cracks, and holes, this can cause a dangerous accident. Whether you have foot traffic or equipment, the floor can be fixed and back to normal use within an hour in most cases.

Any Temperature Range

Kwik-Bond is a fast setting concrete repair product that is already pre-mixed. It bonds to all concrete surfaces and is ready for use within an hour. Its quick set feature is available to be used anywhere.

Cracks and Spalls

Kwik-Crete is also a fast setting concrete crack and floor repair solution material that is high industrial strength. It’s ready for fork lifts and heavy machinery traffic in as little as 8-12 minutes.

Repox-Mix is a patching mortar that is used on concrete flooring to bond it securely with concrete and other surfaces. It’s ready in about 60 minutes.

Application of Concrete Repair Products

Each product has its own instructions, depending on whether it is pre-mixed or needs to be mixed. Application typically involves using a trowel to spread the mixture across the crack, or into the hole.

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