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Common Issues in Concrete to Repair

Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs and Products

Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs and Floor Service

Concrete is a go-to for industrial and manufacturing floors because the material is long-lasting and durable. However, this type of flooring will take damage over time. Moisture can compromise the integrity of the concrete. High traffic areas can also suffer wear and tear that make them difficult to clean. Consequently, concrete floor repair is an essential part of maintaining a safe work area.

Common Floor Maintenance and Repair Scenarios

Several common scenarios will require repairs. The most common reasons that repairs are necessary include:

  • Cracking
  • Spalled edges along removed curbs and doorways
  • Spall at repaired construction joints
  • Acid attack at battery charger floor
  • Typical wear and tear
  • Broken curb face
  • Potholes
  • Pitted surface
  • Post-tensioning joint repair

Cracking and Surface Damage

Cracking is the most common damage. All concrete floors will eventually show cracking as dirt and moisture work their way into the surface.

Weakened concrete will then begin to crack under the stress of the weight resting on it. However, it is possible to repair concrete cracks with a gravity injection of epoxy to fill the cracks and reinforce the concrete.

Surface damage, including pitting, embedded foreign objects, and uneven wear and tear, is the second most common problem requiring repair. In this case, you can grind the floor smoothly with specialized industrial floor polishing equipment.

To get more information regarding concrete crack repair products for industrial flooring, contact Capital Industries.


REPOX-HB is an excellent industrial epoxy floor coating which forms an excellent bond to concrete, block, steel, wood or almost any sound surface.  REPOX-HB may be applied by roller, brush or spray (with the right equipment).  REPOX-HB has a smooth, chemically resistant surface that makes this material suitable for lining most containment areas or areas requiring wash ability.


RETRAX is a unique non slip epoxy floor coating and sealer designed to permanently accident proof any area where conditions such as oil, grease, water, and ice reduce the normal traction required for safety. A 100% solids epoxy, with a silica quartz aggregate, provides for high strength and extreme durability without the need for elaborate surface preparation. Special molecular bonding action allows RETRAX to bond to virtually any surface, such as concrete, metal, wood, tile, terrazzo, or slate and stand up to even the heaviest steel wheeled vehicle traffic. RETRAX is USDA approved for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. RETRAX is available in a wide variety of custom colors.


REPORE is a single component moisture cured urethane, clear coating and concrete sealer for commercial areas where high wear resistance is required. It produces a hard, durable, chemical and abrasion resistant floor coating. It builds a thick protective film to preserve, dustproof, and provide ease of maintenance to applied surfaces.


VO-500 is supplied in a pre-packaged unit containing an acrylic polymer liquid and a low-density powder mix. This unique combination makes this product highly suitable for vertical and overhead concrete and masonry patching and repair. It has better adhesion, is more waterproof and freeze thaw resistant than standard mortars or stucco. VO-500 will repair concrete block, brick and masonry.


FP-300 is a two component, high strength compound designed for leveling, resurfacing or patching concrete surfaces. This driveway and patio repair product is supplied in pre-measured units consisting of the FP-300 liquid and powder. When the powder mix is added to the liquid a high strength, highly workable repair compound is formed. FP-300’s liquid component ensures enhanced flexure, tensile, structural, and bond strengths. Our driveway and patio repair product is self-curing and waterproof, which allows exterior or interior applications. FP-300 may be used to resurface large areas as well as cracks or depressions.


CITRA CRYSTALS is a concentrated water soluble powdered degreaser and cleaner. It is designed for use in industrial areas on concrete and a wide variety of other washable surfaces. This super heavy duty product quickly emulsifies grease build-up and tough grime. It is safe to use on any surface not damaged by water including wood, plastic, metal and painted surfaces. CITRA CRYSTALS is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-caustic for added safety.