Floor, Driveway & Patio Repair – Acrylic polymer concrete resurfacing and repair compound

FP-300 is a two component, high strength compound designed for leveling, resurfacing or patching concrete surfaces. This concrete floor, driveway, or patio repair compound is supplied in pre-measured units consisting of FP-300 liquid and FP-300 powder. When the powder mix is added to the liquid, a high strength, highly workable repair compound is formed. FP-300’s liquid component ensures enhanced flexure, tensile, structural, and bond strengths. This commercial repair product is self-curing and waterproof, which allows for exterior or interior applications. FP-300 may be used to resurface large areas as well as cracks or depressions.

Surface Preparation

Concrete substrate must be structurally sound. Loose or unsound concrete should be hammered out. Surfaces must be entirely free of oil, grease, paint, corrosion deposits, dust, laitance, or other surface contaminants. Highly dense concrete should be cleaned and etched with RELEECE manufactured by CAPITAL INDUSTRIES or cleaned and degreased with RESOLVE manufactured by CAPITAL INDUSTRIES. Technical assistance is available.


FP-300 comes in pre-measured units and should be mixed on the job site in clean containers. A slow speed drill or mortar mixer is preferred over hand mixing. Small quantities of FP-300 liquid may be added or held back to enhance troweling consistency.


Dampen surface to be repaired with FP-300 liquid or clean water prior to placement of FP-300 mixed material. In some instances the use of PERMABOND E-300 epoxy adhesive manufactured by Capital Industries is advisable. Technical assistance is available.


While substrate is still damp, apply mixed FP-300 by trowel or screed. Finish smooth with trowel, wood or sponge float. A broom may be used for a rough finish. For repairs in excess of 1/2 inch in thickness, the use of FP-400 manufactured by Capital Industries is recommended.

Physical Properties
Compressive Strength, psi
ASTM C-109
7,000 @ 28 days
Flexure Strength, psi
ASTM C-348
Flexural Strength ASTM C-348 1000 psi
Slant Shear Bond, psi
Setting Time, hrs. 2-4

FP-300 applications are self-curing.


1-1 gal. FP-300 liquid / 40 lb. FP-300 powder


50 sq. ft. at 1/8 inch thick


Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use.


Keep from freezing. Do not apply when air or surface temperature is below 40° F.

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