Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating – Non Slip, Safe in Slippery Areas

RETRAX is a unique non slip epoxy floor coating coating and sealer designed to permanently accident proof any area where conditions such as oil, grease, water, and ice reduce the normal traction required for safety. A 100% solids epoxy, with a silica quartz aggregate, provides for high strength and extreme durability without the need for elaborate surface preparation. Special molecular bonding action allows RETRAX to bond to virtually any surface, such as concrete, wood, tile, terrazzo, or slate and stand up to even the heaviest steel wheeled vehicle traffic. RETRAX is USDA approved for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. RETRAX is available in a wide variety of custom colors.

Fire Stairs
Processing Areas
Loading Docks
Marine Docks
Flat Beds


Aggregate Silica Quartz
Color Part A (clear) Part B (gray)
Viscosity (parts A&B mixed) Brookfield RV5/20 @ 75º F
Shelf Life One Year
Hardness Shore D-over 85
Compressive Strength 5000 psi @ 3/32
Tensile Strength 1000 psi
Resistant to: oil, kerosene, grease, water, gasoline, salts, mild inorganic acids and alkalis
Pot Life 45 minutes @ 60º F


Concrete substrate should be structurally sound. Any loose or unsound concrete should be hammered out. Surfaces must be entirely free of oil, grease, paint, corrosion deposits, dust, laitance, or other surface contaminants. Any embedded steel should be cleaned of corrosion and exposed to at least 100% of the circumference. Once cleaned, the exposed metal should be coated with PERMABOND E-300 primer manufactured by Capital Industries, Inc., prior to the application of the VO-500 slurry coat.


Remove oil, grease, loose surface material, dust, and other foreign matter. Surface should be sound and dry. Mix by hand, low speed electric drill, or Kohl mixer at temperatures above 50º F. Thoroughly mix activator (part A) and resin (part B) for 5 minutes. Apply RETRAX with a roller, squeegee, or trowel. Keep RETRAX well mixed by stirring during application.


RETRAX contains an alkaline amine. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use protective goggles and gloves. In case of contact wash skin with soapy water. Flush eyes immediately with water and see doctor. If RETRAX is used indoors provide adequate ventilation. Clean tools with solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone or toluene.

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