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How to Get Your Freezer Floor Back to Work

Commercial Concrete Freezer Floor Repair Products

If you run a commercial foodservice manufacturing plant, then you have a deep understanding of the importance of industrial freezers and coolers. The floors of these valuable pieces of equipment have to stand up to daily use and fluctuations in temperatures and regular cleaning. This can lead to issues with corrosion that cause their floors to crack and fail.

It is a problem that represents a significant health and safety issue. With these points in mind, our team here at Capital Industries wants to provide you with some vital information about how to get your commercial freezer and cooler floors back to work.

The Challenges Posed By Cold Environments

The critical challenges to freezer floor repair posed by cold environments are frost, working conditions, and curing.

  • Frost– Frost can act as a barrier between repair material and repaired surface.
  • Working Conditions– Mixing repair materials becomes increasingly challenging as the temperature drops. This is because flow rate and viscosity increase as temperatures decrease.
  • Curing– Curing times increase significantly when the process occurs in a cold environment.

Freezer Concrete Repair Solutions

10-minute repair products for concrete offer rapid curing times and low viscosity. This makes the repair products ideal in cold environments such as commercial freezers and coolers. You can make repairs in temperatures as low as minus 20°F.

Key Points to Consider When Purchasing Materials to Repair Cold Storage Area Floor Joints

  • You can complete repairs without having to take commercial freezers and coolers out of service
  • Materials capable of being applied in ambient temps can lose hardness and become brittle
  • Materials with low viscosity create permanent bonds by penetrating concrete
  • USDA approved materials with low or no VOC are recommended

About Kwik-Crete

Kwik-Crete is the go-to commercial freezer floor repair product for repairing cracks, surfaces, damaged control joints and spalled concrete floors. It is a product known for rapid setting and formulated for urethane.

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