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The Importance Of Correctly Addressing Expansion Joint Needs In Concrete Surfaces

Expansion Joint Filler Sealant for Concrete

When gaps appear in your concrete walkways, slabs, and decks, among other areas, it is necessary to do some important maintenance. This involves the utilization of a filler material that will solve issues with the expansion of joints. Choosing the right concrete expansion joint sealant is an essential component of ensuring that this job is done right, and the problem is corrected.

Successfully Filling In An Expansion Joint

  1. When embarking on a project to fill in expansion joints, the first step is to clean any debris and dirt that is in the area.
  2. After this, the old material must be removed from the area being focused on. A putty knife is an ideal tool to accomplish this task.
  3. After this, the area should be flushed with water to completely clear it out. A wet-dry vac is also a great option for getting the area clean and dry.
  4. From this point, the bond adhesive should be applied to the joint in question.
  5. After it dries, the backer rod can be inserted, and the joint can be covered and sealed. It is important to make sure and mark off the area while it dries so that it does not get stepped on.

The Kwik-Flex Difference

Kwik-Flex is the perfect solution for expansion joint maintenance in areas where the temperatures are low. The durable material dries quickly and has high durability.

Polyflex Is An Ideal Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant Solution

Polyflex is known for its durability and its ability to stand up to high traffic and other stressors.

Correctly filling in a concrete expansion joint is an important task and necessary for maintaining the longevity of your concrete surfaces. Kwik-Flex and Polyflex are two of the premium brands on the market. Anyone who is preparing to engage in this type of maintenance work should consider these outstanding options.