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When Is It Necessary to Fix a Crack in a Concrete Surface?

Concrete Surface Crack Repair Products to Fix Cement

Concrete is one of the most useful building materials available. It is highly flexible in terms of how you can use it. Concrete is also a strong material once fully cured. Reinforcing concrete with a rebar can further strengthen it. With this point about the strength of concrete, it still has to be noted that it is a mix of sand and pulverized rock combined with water. Due to this fact, it does tend to crack when it dries. Concrete will also crack over time as a result of external stresses.

At Capital Industries, we are the leader in concrete crack repair products and commonly get asked about the difference between concrete cracks that are not a problem versus ones you need to repair. Continue reading to learn more about this topic.

These Cracks Do Not Represent a Structural Threat

The list of cracks that do not represent a structural threat include:

  • Heaving– The result of movement in the ground from freezing/thawing or tree roots.
  • Expansion– This is cracking due to concrete expansion during hot weather.
  • Plastic Shrinkage– Cracking occurs when the concrete has still not hardened and is in its plastic state.
  • Settling– This cracking occurs when the ground settles underneath a concrete slab.
  • Premature Drying– Premature drying occurs when cracks form from the top of the surface, drying too fast.
  • Overloadoccurs when too much weight is added to the concrete surface.

When Do Cracks Represent a Threat?

Concrete cracks do represent a threat to your property when:

  • There is water in the crack when freezing occurs
  • The water reaches the concrete’s rebar and causes the steel to rust

Solutions for Various Types of Cracks

The concrete crack repair solution you need to utilize depends on the type of repair. Synthetic fiber additives are ideal for reducing shrinkage cracks, while drying shrinkage cracks can be avoided by using less water in the mix. Avoid structural cracks by utilizing good soil compaction and gravel underneath concrete slabs. Rebar around the perimeter, post bases, and slab footings also help avoid cracking.

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