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What are the Signs of Concrete that Needs Repair?

Concrete Crack Repair Commercial Buildings Properties

Have you ever looked down while you are walking on the sidewalk and noticed cracks or unevenness? Concrete, like all things, age, and need maintenance. Your garage floor, sidewalks, driveway, and even patios will have issues in time. Take a look and see as it may be time to get a concrete crack repair product for repairs.

 Concrete Damages and Their Causes

While concrete is extremely durable and used almost everywhere, it does require some care. Everything from weather, water erosion or freezing, physical or chemical damage, heat or fire, and shifting earth can impact concrete surfaces and require repair. Below are some warning signs it may be time to consult with a concrete coating service.

  1. Cracking Concrete Surfaces

All concrete surfaces crack over time. Small cracks should not cause concern, but over time the cracks will grow in size and require repair. A professional concrete coating service will recommend any commercial concrete products and apply them to repair any damage.

  1. Uneven Concrete Surfaces

 Have you ever noticed an uneven spot on your driveway or an area of your garage that appears more worn? These can be warning signs of potential problems that you cannot see on the surface. Foundation issues or weathering can cause issues with the concrete surface and lead to cracking or chipping, creating an unsafe environment.

  1. Standing or Pooling Water

 Have you wondered how the Grand Canyon formed? The simple answer is water erosion over time. The same thing occurs on concrete surfaces. Areas with poor drainage will allow water to collect. While concrete surfaces have a waterproof layer, over time, water fills the gaps, slowly breaking down the protection and eventually creating cracks. The breakdown process will speed up if the water freezes. A professional concrete coating service will be able to recommend any remediation.

  1. Concrete and Aging

One of the greatest inventions ever, concrete has proven itself year after year for its durability. While concrete can last years without issue, it can begin to show its life’s story on the surface. The issues listed here and more can begin to breakdown concrete surfaces, requiring repair and revitalization. Some commercial concrete products used by professionals who can help once such product are KWIK-BOND from Capital Industries, Inc.

KWIK-BOND is a premixed polyester resin compound that provides strength with little shrinkage and is not brittle. KWIK-BOND can be used for patching or resurfacing an entire area and is designed for all surfaces, including frozen areas, and requires no heat to cure. Contact our team to learn more about the highest quality concrete repair products we offer.