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What Causes Concrete Scaling and How to Prevent It?

Concrete scaling is a significant issue that property owners often face with industrial concrete flooring. It is a common issue that can lead to a loss of surface mortar on a concrete floor.

As the leading provider of industrial concrete floor coatings, our team at Capital Industries wants to help you figure out what you can do when concrete scaling occurs. Our information includes using the best concrete floor sealer to address the issue.

Concrete Scaling Floor Repair to Prevent It

What Is Meant By the Term Scaling?

Concrete scaling refers to the peeling/flaking of a concrete surface that has hardened. Scaling is generally the result of significant exposure to freezing and thawing cycles. When scaling occurs, it leads to parts of the surface beginning to chip or flake away. This leads to the exposure of the coarse particles of aggregate that lie below.

What Causes Scaling of Concrete Surfaces

The primary cause of concrete scaling is when the surface is exposed to freezing conditions that then thaw while deicing salts or moisture. These concrete surfaces will be susceptible to scaling issues.

What to Do About Scaling?

The best thing to do is prevent scaling before it happens, but you can address it once it has occurred. Fixing scaling requires a high-quality mix of concrete, strengthening fibers, and an integral/topical sealer.

How to Prevent Scaling

Tips to prevent concrete scaling include:

  • The use of air-entrained concrete
  • Do not engage in any finishing operations when there is water on the surface
  • Utilize a liquid membrane curing compound to cure the surface
  • Provide surface protection from harsh winter conditions
  • Avoid the use of deicing salts on new concrete surfaces or recently replaced ones

Steps to Repairing Scaled Surfaces

Using a bonded base surface is essential to repairing scaled surfaces. A surface must be dirt, paint, and oil-free before repair commences. Remove all unsound material through the use of a jackhammer, chisel, and hammer. Once you prepare a clean, textured, rough surface, it is ready for resurfacing products such as concrete floor sealer.

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