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Understanding the Process of Fixing Concrete Expansion

Fixing Concrete Expansion Joints Repair Products

Concrete joints and cracks can be not only unsightly but could be a tripping hazard. Understanding what kind of crack or joint you’re dealing with is the first step in getting the concrete nicely fixed up again.

The Different Types of Joints

Control Joints

These joints get built into the concrete to cause the concrete to shrink less. And to also provide a weaker place to hopefully create a crack to form there, rather than anywhere.

Construction Joints

These joints get created when there need to be two or more batches of concrete poured. They are built using metal strips or dowels and allow each concrete batch to stay in the areas meant for them.

Expansion Joints

These are built into the concrete formation to promote movement between two different concrete slabs. They’re used primarily for shock absorption.

Why do Cracks Form?

Cracks get created when there is too much force put upon the concrete or when there is shrinkage. That is why most concrete contractors create control joints in their concrete.

Crack Repair

When fixing a crack, the best practice is to treat them like they are still cracking. Any form of crack repair that doesn’t get done correctly will only cause more time and money to get wasted.

  1. Make sure that the cracks get thoroughly cleaned out.
  2. If the crack is so wide that the expansion joint fillercould pass through, foam backer rods might need to be used in sealing off the crack.
  3. If the crack needs foam backer rods, the recommendation is to fill the crack with sand. The sand helps reduce the chance of sinkholes appearing.

Concrete Crack Repair Products

Here at Capital Industries, we have two products that fix cracks in concrete.

The first is Polyflex. Its specially made formula allows it to be insensitive to moisture and resistant to damages caused by cars and trucks.

The other is KWIK-FLEX. It got created for the times when you don’t have a lot of time. It will cure in one single hour! It can also get applied without the usual hassle of heat lamps or torches.

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