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Steps to Repairing A Concrete Ceiling

Steps to Repair A Cracked Concrete Ceiling

Damage and crack in concrete means there is a problem. The concrete or support structure are beginning to fail. The soil can set, causing the foundation to shift, and concrete ceiling crack repair becomes necessary. Ordinary cement won’t work because as it dries, it shrinks. New materials are durable, strong, expand as they dry, and create a permanent repair.

Step One

Use soap and water to clean the ceiling, remove oils and grease with a cleaning solvent, then thoroughly dry the surface.

Step Two

Use a chisel and hammer to undercut the crack’s edge, and widen it. Create an inverted V with a flat-top. The V must not be cut so the narrower end is not close to the surface. The compound will push out of the crack, so the repair material is more secure within the crack.

Step Three

Mix the repair compound, the type designed to bond slowly. Use fissure to ensure the cracks depth has a good seal.

Step Four

Using a putty knife, smooth the repair compounds top, and press it into the crack. If it goes in further, add more. This will provide better support.

Step Five

Once cured, cover the compound. Use duct tape to secure cardboard strips over the repair. Once set, you can easily peel it off.

Step Six

Sand the surface of the repair to blend with the ceiling using coarse sandpaper. Then deal or paint the repair. For invisibility, paint the entire area where the repair was made.