Kwik-Bond Commercial Floor Repair Products

Signs Commercial Cement Flooring Needs Patching

The team at Capital Industries has some outstanding information for today’s commercial operators that deal with extensive concrete flooring on their properties. There are vital signs to look for that suggest that it is time for an industrial freezer floor or warehouse concrete floor repair. When these signs emerge, it is necessary to utilize the high-quality concrete patch products that Capital Industries provides.

Types of Concrete Cracks

There are many different types of cracks that can appear in a commercial setting. These issues are common in the concrete surfaces of distribution centers, warehouses, and commercial freezer units. They can range from scratches, and gouges, to stains from forklift tires, and damage from pallet jacks. Outright cracking in the floor’s concrete surface is also typical. These issues can lead to a host of problems such as reduced flatness of the surface and further degradation of the surface.

Methods of Fixing Concrete Cracks

The methods for repairing cracks vary depending on the surface and the issue.

  • • Simple cracks are repaired quickly enough with injections of epoxy.
  • • Take care of the joint repair on concrete floors by cutting out the damaged area and filling with one of our concrete patching products.

Best Products to Use in Fixing Concrete Cracks

There are several critical concrete patch products offered by Capital Industries that are excellent for different applications.

  • • KWIK-BOND is ideal for repairing concrete surfaces in commercial freezers.
  • • KWIK-CRETE is a perfect product for crack repair, as it is a rapid setting.
  • • REPOX-MIX is an outstanding product for repair jobs in outdoor settings and on slab areas where it is difficult to dry the surface before repair. The product is ideal for bonding to damp surfaces.

Brands for the Best Industrial Concrete Crack Filler Products

Here at Capital Industries, Inc., we are proud of our reputation as the top supplier of concrete repair products for commercial uses. Our line of products that we offer includes those for the repair of commercial freezer floors, crack repair, and repair for concrete floors.

Our customers rely on us for providing them with excellent products such as KWIK-BOND, KWIK-CRETE, and REPOX-MIX. We have been serving customers ranging from factories, contractors, and warehouses, for the past 30 years. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can supply you with the highest quality concrete repair products.