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One-Step Industrial Concrete Sealer and Other Types

Industrial Concrete Sealer One-Step

Concrete sealers offer variations and options of colors and strength of the seal. But many concrete sealers have a lot of confusing steps. Not ours. We offer an industrial-strength, one-step concrete sealer that is a product of choice by many Fortune 500 companies. We talk about it below and provide a brief description of other sealers.

Cure and Seal

The cure and seal use a concrete slab to store moisture for thirty days. This sealer was not created for traffic. When black rubber is covering a floor, it is most likely this product acting as a magnet for dirt and rubber.


Acrylics are generally thin film coatings with a water base. They are applied in low usage and low traffic areas.


Epoxy is 100 percent solids or water-based coating. This is applied to the concrete’s surface for surface wear.


Urethane is based on high solids and water coatings. This if often applied to an epoxy primer as the topcoat. The wear capability is significant.


There is a commercial concrete sealer requiring one step for resistance to high wear including concrete sealers and moisture cured urethane. This created a durable, hard coating resistant to abrasion and chemicals. The thick protective film dust proofs, preserves and makes maintenance easier. The sealer holds up to scuffing, water and abrasion while resisting acids, grease and gasoline.

Our concrete sealer, named REPORE, is a one-step application concrete sealer. It is urethane-based and provides a clear coating with industrial strength. It is mostly used in high traffic areas.

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