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Cracks In Your Concrete? Don’t Ignore Them

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There is a crack in your industrial concrete floor, and you ignore it. After all, it isn’t that bad yet and doesn’t seem to be worth the repair cost, downtime, and production loss that will result from taking the time to repair it. You would be surprised that a cracked piece of concrete might cause more trouble than you think and how it can impact your business. There are three major concerns when it comes to damaged concrete.

Concern #1: Safety

If you have a lot of foot traffic during the day, and sometimes at night, the crack in the concrete becomes a safety hazard, especially to employees. All someone has to do is catch a toe, and the resulting fall can lead to injuries and workman’s compensation costs.

Concern #2: Wear And Tear

When your equipment, such as forklifts and other machines, go over the uneven cracks, the jostling increases the amount of wear and tear on the machine and leads to tire damage, bearing replacements, increased realignments, and other maintenance costs. In turn, it also leads to more damage to the concrete floor, which can lead to costlier repairs.

Concern #3: Inspection Failure

If your company is regulated by the USDA, FDA, or some other organization, then the lack of concrete floor integrity can cause a failed inspection. This is especially important for pharmaceutical, beverage, and food companies.

Kwik-Bond is equipped with industrial concrete floor repair products, whether the concrete is cracked, pitted, eroded, or there is spalling. If you need industrial concrete floor repair, don’t wait until it becomes a problem. Contact us today about our concrete patching products.

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