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Cracks in Concrete? What to Use to Fix Them Quickly

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Cracks happen to the most robust concrete and can be unappealing. Know their causes and what products can repair them.

 What Causes Cracks?

  1. Heat causes concrete to swell and split if it pushes against another structure. Expansion joints reduce stress and prevent cracking.
  2. Concrete breaks if it can’t move with the ground as it freezes and thaws. Tree roots can also cause heaving and subsequent fissures.
  3. Plastic shrinkage. Concrete fills with water before it hardens. When the water evaporates, the empty spaces mix with the solids, causing narrow cracks.
  4. Premature drying. When concrete dries too quickly, crazing cracks occur, looking like shattered glass. Premature drying also leads to crusting cracks, especially on slabs with stamped patterns.
  5. Concrete can split if the ground below settles. Settling can also occur when someone digs a trench or removes a tree.
  6. Putting excess weight on concrete can cause cracks. However, overloading the ground below is more likely to happen after it snows or rains.

 Concrete Repair Products

  1. KWIK-BOND provides a secure, quick set to any concrete finish in any temperature. This USDA-approved cement crack filler is a 100 percent solids polyester resin-based product that’s pre-mixed. KWIK-BOND is resilient to corrosion and moisture, and it doesn’t shrink.
  2. KWIK-CRETE can fix peeling and flaking, and it restores impaired control joints. KWIK-CRETE is a robust and quick-setting urethane formula with low viscosity and no solvents or VOCs.
  3. REPOX-MIX is a few concrete patch products that work on concrete, metal, brick, wood, and other solids without shrinking. This pre-mixed 100 percent epoxy mortar is not brittle and can bond to damp surfaces. This USDA-approved product also secures posts and signs.

For your concrete flooring needs, call Capital Industries at 631-298-6300. They can help you choose the right KWIK-BOND cement crack filler.