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How To Know If Basement Wall Cracks Are A Sign Of An Underlying Issue

Basement Wall Repair of Cracks DIY Product
Assessing Cracks In Basement Walls

If you are noticing cracks in your basement walls, it may be time to seek out basement wall crack repair. There are many reasons why cracks may begin appearing in basement walls.

One reason is that changes in temperature and moisture can cause hairline fractures within the wall. However, the cracks are often caused by the plaster naturally expanding and contracting. This process is known as “breathing” which is a normal process and is to be expected.

Cracks That Are From Normal Home Use

Homes that are recently constructed can also experience cracks because the house is settling. If the home is near a busy road, vibrations from traffic can also lead to cracks.

Generally, these cracks are harmless and do not warrant any repairs. However, in some cases they can be serious and may require you to reach out to a professional for their assistance.

Serious Cracks in Your Home

If the cracks appear to indicate a serious structural problem, then you should consider getting to the bottom of the cause. One way to do this is with the help of a professional and to observe houses in the neighborhood to see if they have similar issues or if the exterior of the homes appears to be unkept.

What Fixes Serious Cracks In Your Home

VO-500 Basement & Wall Repair Product
If you discover that the cracks are a serious issue there are many methods to help fix the problem. One beneficial method is VO-500. This is a mixture of acrylic polymer and powder that is used to repair concrete. It has superior adhesive qualities and has water-resistant properties. It can be used on several building mediums including concrete and brick.