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Benefits of Sealing an Industrial Concrete Floor

Keep your industrial concrete floor ready for use by your employees with an industrial concrete sealer. Here are the benefits of sealing your industrial concrete floor.

Why Seal An Industrial Concrete Floor?

Concrete is often sealed with an industrial concrete sealer to protect it from water damage and make the final surface more polished. All concrete floors need to be sealed for protection. However, industrial concrete floors typically require more protection. The reason is that they are exposed to more chemicals, heavy traffic, and more wear than residential floors and are in a busier environment.

Sealing industrial concrete floor benefits

Industrial concrete sealers not only protect the concrete surface but also make it waterproof. This prevents acid from leaching through the surface and corroding the concrete.

The Benefits of Sealing an Industrial Concrete Floor

The benefits of sealing an industrial concrete floor can include:

  • A lower cost
  • Better protection of the concrete
  • Decreased risk of breakage
  • Making it easier to clean
  • Safety is the number one priority for our industrial customers

Sealing concrete surfaces is a good idea because it is a cost-effective solution for an industrial setting. The benefits include safety and cleanliness, as well as the prevention of moisture or mold.

  • Safety: Sealed floors are less slippery than uncoated ones, so they are safer to walk on. This is especially beneficial in wet conditions or when the floor becomes wet from rain or other sources. Ensure the workers will remain safe in any place in the workplace. Sealing the concrete floor will help prevent concrete cracks and breaks.
  • Cleanliness: A sealed floor is easier to clean because it has a smooth surface that is not prone to dirt and debris accumulation. It will help prevent stains because it makes the floor easier to clean. It also reduces the risk of slipping due to splashing liquids like oil, grease, water, or other liquids that might spill on the ground
  • Prevention of moisture or mold: The best way to prevent industrial concrete floors from getting moldy is by sealing them with an industrial-grade sealant. It can help prevent mold growth beneath the surface of the floor. The sealant prevents water from getting into the concrete and absorbing it.
  • Extend the life of your concrete floors: Sealing concrete floors can stop water from seeping through and will prevent cracks from forming. You can also seal the floor after installation.
  • Prolong durability: Sealing a concrete floor with industrial sealant will not only stop water from seeping through but will also keep cracks from forming. This process is usually done during the construction of the floor, but you can also do it after installing the floor if need be. The appropriate sealant for an industrial floor should have a high grade of chemical resistance and durability to withstand heavy traffic and continual exposure to moisture over time.
  • Control cracking and delamination cracks: It helps seal cracks in the concrete, preventing water damage to the structure. The cracks on your concrete floor will start forming in the very beginning if not treated. When there is air in the cracks, water will become trapped under the concrete. It can lead to damage to the concrete. Industrial sealers help reduce this problem.

An industrial sealer can reduce deterioration and extend the life of the industrial concrete floor for years.

Get Industrial Sealant for Your Concrete Floors

These benefits will have a direct impact on your productivity, cost, and industrial floor’s longevity. You can use sealant on new concrete or existing flooring.

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